We decide to lead to the proprietors and professionals of Halls of Barbers and Halls of Beauty, chance to participate, in way accomplishes, the expansionista phase of our organization.

These perspectives that are opening have the following advantages, of the strict commercial point of view.

  • COMMISSION of 20% on the sale of the calendars, that means a new source of invoicing;
  • PLUS a service that the hall offers the clientele, informing to it periodically the days of cut of hair that is determined in the calendar;
  • GUARANTEE of frequency of the clientele, a time that the process of cuts will be repeated monthly by the period of twelve months;
  • INCREASE of the clientele, in result of commentaries and indications of the customers already habitual beneficiaries of the Lunar Calendar Pilomax;
  • BIGGER capacity of production of its firm due the best distribution of its clientele, who will originate in consequencia of the dates of the cuts in elapsing of the days of the month.