Carried through studies had proven that the phases of the Moon have influence in the terrestrial life. You for certain already it heard to speak or already it read on the influence of the Moon in the oceanic tides; it also knows that the agriculturists trim the branches of thr trees, in determined lunar phases, to stimulated its growth; that the lumber also cut the trunks respecting the Moon, so that they do not apodre1cam; that it issown or if harvests in this or that lunar phase. until the birds they form its nests in certain lunar phases. Very well!

Favours to the study of the lunar influence on the nature, the discovery of the Pilomax system of cuts programmed of the hair possible. E that the example of the plants, also the hair, when cut regularly in the certain day, has as resulted the normal nutrition of the hair raizes that originate healthy and strong wires, revitalizing and helping the growth of the hair in its normal evolution. This discovered notable, became possible, for the first time a way to fight the fall of the hair without the use of any preparation or treatment, because Pilomax is a system that if characterizes for its praticidade and comfort. Nothing more he demands yourself, that the cut of the hair a time for month, in the days marked in the Lunar Calendar Pilomax, that since 1968, comes getting high index of positive results, benefiting men, women, young and children in the recovery of the hair.