a ) The programmed cuts of hair in the present Calendar, correspond to the phase of the Moon in the day-month-year of its birth.
b) Indicated for men, women and children who have fall of hair. to cut in way that, is trimmed the tips of the totality of wires. It is not necessary to cut the short hair. Cut them as of custom.
c) In the partial calvicie, the existing hair must be cut, during the three first months that are in the Calendar. In the following dates the new hair born in the bald part will not have to be cut. Cut them when to reach its normal condition.
d) Seborréia, parasites and other topicas illnesses of the cabeludo leather must be treated by medical dermatologist.
e) The hygiene of the hair can be made with xampu of its preference. We do not indicate and we do not possess no mark.
f) The Lunar Calendar Pilomax is a method of cuts of hair for phases of the Moon, that since 1968 comes getting high index of favorable results in men, women and children with fall if the hair.
g) Despite the high index results gotten for the Pilomax System, in Brazil and the exterior, is not about an infallible process.
h) Pilomax is a natural method, is simple, is success. Important: If in its Calendar to consist SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS, and not being possible to the cut the hair in these days, makes it in the next date to the following month. It never are of them. Nor one day before or one day after the date that is programmed.

Note: Lunar Calendar Pilomax is individual and valley only for the twelve months that correspond to the year indicated in this Calendar. To the ending of the programming, the user will have to request new Calendar.